photo by Leslie Santarina

                                                                                                                    photo by Leslie Santarina


Harwell Godfrey is a unique hybrid of one-of-a-kind jewelry and luxury craft created using hand tooled and dyed leathers and individually chosen crystals and gemstones. Designed and produced entirely by hand in San Francisco by founder Lauren Harwell Godfrey, each statement piece is a bold expression of the brand’s signature raw and refined aesthetic.

Native Californian Godfrey has always been inspired by the natural beauty of her home state. The visual appeal of rugged landscapes, from mountains to sea, gave her the freedom to explore earthy color and texture combinations that led to the development of the line. “There are no templates when it comes to this work,” Godfrey explains. “As each stone or crystal is one-of-a-kind, so is each finished piece.” Regal rocks, from agates to turquoise to pyrite and beyond, are starting point of each design. Strong but supple leather is then worked around the stone, embellished with custom variations including fringe and hand carvings. This kind of visual problem solving comes naturally to Godfrey, who spent over 15 years working as an award-winning creative director and art director.

Driven to create accessories with substance, both physically and metaphysically, Godfrey is acutely aware of each stone’s healing properties. "I’m very interested in the lore that surrounds the various stones,” Godfrey says. "There are such incredible, ancient traditions in how they have been used for healing throughout the history of mankind. I think of each of my pieces as a personal talisman and am endlessly fascinated by how different energies speak to different people.” She purposefully chooses oversized stones or crystals, many with eye-catching three-dimensional forms or geometric striations, to exaggerate the natural spiritual vibrations found in the raw materials. “I tend to gravitate towards larger statements in my personal jewelry collection, and wanted to bring that to this work in a very tactile way.”

Crystals/stones and handmade jewelry are fragile by nature and will break if not treated with care. 

Please wear your Harwell Godfrey carefully! Hold your crystal close to you and protect it when bending over or coming into contact with a hard surface. Also be sure to take off all Harwell Godfrey jewelry when coming into contact with water – this includes bathing, swimming and heavy rain.